Our organisation is geared directly to clients’ needs

At a glance

  • The board of directors exercises overall leadership as well as oversight and control over the executive committee.
  • The executive committee is responsible for management.
  • Business operations are divided into nine sections. Each section manager reports to a member of the executive committee.
  • Some two-thirds of our staff are financial economics graduates of a university or a university of applied sciences.

PPCmetrics organisation chart

2024-02 PPCmetrics Organigramm E.png

Qualification of our staff

Our staff are the key to our success. Our employees are highly qualified and have broad experience in financial analysis, actuarial consulting, advising institutional and private investors or portfolio management. We ensure that our staff members are able to dedicate sufficient time to our clients. Thanks to the continuous exchange of knowledge and ongoing training both in-house and externally, our staff keep abreast of the latest advances in research and practice.


Mitarbeiterqualifikation - Zeitablauf_EN.png