We offer independent, efficient and transparent consulting services

Our Values

Our actions are guided by three principles, through which we aspire to secure long-term benefits for our customers, our employees and for society.

«Our consulting work is independent and free of conflicts of interests.»


We are free of conflicts of interests. Our sole commitment is to the interests of our clients and we work in full independence. PPCmetrics is owned by the partners. This enables us to ensure integrity and continuity in client relations and to provide our clients with the best possible advice.

Our clients know what we do. Our analyses and evaluations are based on scientifically sound principles and models. We disclose our decision-making bases and include our clients throughout the entire consultation process. This creates a partnership between equals. 

We analyse before we act. We look at things from a scientific standpoint and focus on sustainable client benefits. We are aware of the ethical, social and environmental responsibility associated with our consulting activities.