Well-founded services as an actuary and a pension fund expert

At a glance

  • Comprehensive and well-founded advice on actuarial issues provided by actuary and pension fund expert
  • Customized and interactive analysis tools e.g., regarding risk management, conversion rate or comparison of pension funds
  • Team of pension fund experts, actuaries and financial market experts specialized in risk management
  • Independence and transparency guaranteed through our ownership structure
  • PPCmetrics is an expert in occupational pension schemes recognized by the OAK pursuant to Art. 52d BVG


Actuarial Consulting

Pension funds face a variety of complex liability-related issues. The economic environment considerably influences financial balance. PPCmetrics offers sound and comprehensive risk management for achieving investment targets.

Our consulting services as an actuary an a pension fund expert include:

  • Interactive and comprehensive projection of insured population, balance sheets and profit and loss statement
  • Sensitivity analysis with respect to plan components and actuarial assumptions
  • Flexible and objectified consideration of accounting principles
  • Analysis of financial balance on the basis of simulations consistent with the financial market
  • Comparison of different pension schemes and institutions with a focus on risk management
  • Valuable comparison of pension funds thanks to a broad peer group of pension funds

Experts in occupational pension schemes

PPCmetrics is an accredited expert in occupational pension schemes pursuant to Art. 52c BVG.

Our services include:

  • Periodic verification according to Art. 52e para. 1 BVG, whether:
    • The pension institution offers sufficient security to fulfill the pension commitments
    • Actuarial regulations on benefits and funding comply with legal prescriptions
  • Drawing up recommendations in line with Art. 52e para. 2a BVG, in particular with regard to the technical interest rate and other technical principles.
  • Preparing recommendations according to Art. 52e para. 2b BVG on measures to be taken in case of underfunding as well as evaluating these measures pursuant to Art. 41a BVV 2


Contact Persons

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Dr. Marco Jost

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Dr. Alfred Bühler


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Actuarial consulting