Professional and independent monitoring of the entire investment process

At a glance

  • Over 30 staff members in the field of investment controlling
  • Guarantee of independent assessment of asset manager performances
  • Customized investment controlling reports with a focus on individual client needs
  • Investment controlling encompasses the entire investment process, in particular the investment strategy, investment tactic and asset management mandates
  • PPCmetrics Peer Group comparison: cross comparison of investment performance with comparable institutions/asset managers
  • Use of our own investment controlling software, maintained and continuously developed by in-house IT specialists
  • Issuing action recommendations

Investment Controlling

The management and monitoring of invested assets is a core component of the investment process. Besides, the ever greater complexity of capital markets requires efficient management tools. The tailor-made PPCmetrics investment controlling report serves as an early warning system and contains all relevant management information.

Risk / return analysis


  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of investment performance
  • Strategy controlling (investment strategy and fluctuation reserves) as well as identification of the most significant risks at the level of total assets

Compliance with investment regulations

Checking whether the legal, strategic and contractual guidelines are being adhered to.

Assessing asset Managers

Evaluation and analysis of absolute and relative return as well as ongoing monitoring of personal or process-related risks associated with asset managers.

Peer group comparison

Comparison of investment performance at both the levels of total assets and asset managers with comparable investors.

Comparison of fees

Assessing the market conformity of asset management fees and identifying any possible cost reduction potential.

Monitoring custodian bank

Monitoring and verifying the services provided by the custodian bank.


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Investment controlling


Comparison of fees