Interactive web platform for individual analyses and peer group comparisons

At a glance

  • Interactive web platform for individual analyses and peer group comparisons
  • Daily estimates of the most important key figures for the strategic management of a pension fund
  • Tailor-made evaluations, e.g. asset liability analyses and econometric evaluations
  • Modular structure and ongoing new development of modules
  • Data visualisation and exportability of results

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MyPPCmetrics is an interactive web platform that allows to create individual performance and simulation analyses as well as extensive peer group comparisons with easily comprehensible step-by-step instructions. With MyPPCmetrics, you can thus get a comprehensive insight into the structure and investment behaviour of institutional investors. In addition, daily estimates of the most important key figures are available for the strategic management of a pension fund. MyPPCmetrics has a modular structure, currently consisting of the following modules:

“Cockpit” Module

The “Cockpit” module shows you the most important key figures for the strategic management of a pension fund and is used for the ongoing monitoring of the financial and structural situation. To do this, daily estimates of the key figures are available.

“Funding Ratio” Module

With this module you can calculate your own risk-bearing, economic and technical (actuarial) funding ratio and update it monthly. It also makes it possible to carry out a cross-comparison with a broad universe (more than 500 pension funds (source: revised annual reports)).

“PF Key Figures” Module

The “PF Key Figures” module allows you to carry out detailed cross-comparisons based on structural data and key figures from revised annual reports of Swiss pension funds. The module is based on a broad and representative peer group of more than 400 pension funds with accumulated pension assets of over CHF 750 billion. Numerous visualisation and filter options are available for the analysis.

“Asset Management Costs” Module

This module allows you to make cross-comparisons and representations based on the asset management cost data reported in the official annual financial statements (cost ratio in accordance with OPSC Directive D-02/2013 "Reporting Asset Management Costs").

“Public Peer Group” Module

The “Public Peer Group” module allows you to compare your investment performance with other pension funds/institutional investors. Historical comparisons can also be made with different time spans. Furthermore, various filter options are available that allow a comparison with different segments (e.g. public-law or private-law pension funds).

“Performance Analysis” Module

This module allows quantitative, statistical and econometric analyses with your own data (portfolio and benchmark time series) on a monthly basis.

“Strategy: Risk/Return” Module

The module “Strategy: Risk/Return” allows the input of different investment strategy variants and the calculation of the expected risk/return ratios of the same. Additionally, historical simulations (including stress test scenarios) in freely selectable observation periods are possible.

“Files: File Transfer” Module

This module allows you to securely send encrypted files in any format and size via the MyPPCmetrics web server (as a secure alternative to email).

“Market Screen” Module

With the “Market Screen” module, you can make representations and cross-comparisons based on a wide range of information on asset managers, portfolios, fees, aspects of sustainability and other criteria. Our database provides you with access to over 100 asset classes and more than 5’000 providers worldwide.

New modules and features are constantly being developed.



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