Professional and efficient procurement consulting for public financial institutions

At a glance

  • PPCmetrics has an extensive track record in assisting clients in Switzerland and throughout Europe in their public procurement obligations.
  • With our assistance, clients have successfully awarded mandates in excess of CHF 70 billion without a single objection or litigation from any of the applicants.
  • We combine financial and legal knowledge with extensive experience in project management of complex public procurement processes.
  • Our tender framework and tools always ensure efficient handling, equal treatment, non-discrimination and full transparency.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards and we strictly avoid any conflicts of interest.

Public Procurement

Public procurement regulations, as well as the respective national implementation, impose strict guidelines to ensure open, fair and transparent conditions of competition. Knowledge, experience, and an efficient project management are required to plan, coordinate and successfully execute complex public procurement processes.

Successful selection

While the selection process must be in full compliance with the procurement regulations, it must at the same time maximize the probability of a successful selection. Based on our experience with over 100 public and non-public tenders per annum, we assist clients in defining meaningful award criteria that cover economic, technical and legal aspects.

Compliance with WTO / GPA regulations

A public procurement process must adhere to strict principles and procedures, such as required notifications and appeal periods. Most importantly, it must ensure equal treatment and non-discrimination. We assist clients through the entire tendering process, addressing relevant risks beforehand to minimize the risk of litigation.

Project Management

We can manage the entire tender project on behalf of clients. Experience is key in advising clients on a successful tender project that meets their objectives and time schedule. All decisions that need to be made by clients will be planned well in advance and the materials customized to their needs to allow for optimal preparation and use of clients' scarce resources. In addition, our process provides optimal guidance and instructions for all applicants that are not accustomed to the bid form and in particular not used to the tight procedures of public tenders.

Cost efficiency

Over several years, we have developed state-of-the-art tender frameworks, tools and software that will be applied to ensure professional handling of the expected high number of applications. This significantly reduces operational risks as well as costs during the tender process.



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Oliver Kunkel


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Challenges Pension Funds Face due to Low Interest Rates

Challenges Pension Funds Face due to Low Interest Rates

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Asset Manager Selection based on historical performance - English Version

Asset Manager Selection based on historical performance - English Version

Historical performance is a frequently used criterion to select asset managers. Our empirical analysis, however, shows that after hiring an asset manager with such an outstanding performance, the asset manager performs significantly worse in the period after the selection. In some cases, the selected managers even performed significantly worse than a control sample.

Asset Manager Selection under Public Procurement Legislation

Asset Manager Selection under Public Procurement Legislation

"Why has the selection process and transparency become more important in the search of asset managers? What is different in a public procurement process under EU Regulation than in a ´normal´ selection process? How to deal with a very high number of candidates? Our experiences with public tenders in the last 5 years"


Public Tendering Procedure

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