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Around half of all Swiss pension funds (44% in 2022) report on sustainability endeavours and it can be assumed that this proportion will increase further with the introduction of the ASIP ESG reporting standard. (in German)

Has the redistribution from active members to pensioners been stopped? And how will it develop in the future? Oliver Dichter, Partner and Co-Head of ALM, shares his assessment on SRF Tagesschau. (in German)

ILS products have achieved above-average returns in 2023. This presentation shows a selection of the characteristics of insurance-linked securities currently on the market. It is based on our market screens in the years 2021 to 2024 and includes 48 products with a total volume of around CHF 24 billion for 2024. (in German)

Swiss pension funds have significantly increased their allocation to infrastructure investments in recent years. As a first step, it is advisable to analyse how the implementation of this investment category should be structured. Suitable products should then be selected for the desired type of realisation. (in German)

The proportion of real estate held by Swiss pension funds has increased steadily in recent years. Real estate investments have been significantly expanded, particularly due to the low (and for a long time negative) interest rates in Switzerland. The proportion of real estate in the strategic asset allocation is currently around 24%. (in German)

The article shows what function ratings have for the management and monitoring of credit risk and how pension funds can use them optimally. In particular, the authors state that regulations and contracts regarding the use of credit ratings can often be improved. (in German)

Interest rates can fluctuate and their development is difficult to predict. A growing number of pension funds are therefore opting for a more systematic, rule-based approach to setting their technical interest rate, which makes indicators such as the funding ratio more meaningful. (in German)

Concentration in the global equity market has increased significantly in recent years. Nevertheless, other indices (such as the Swiss equity market) continue to exhibit significantly higher concentration risks than the MSCI World. Despite the increasing weighting of individual stocks, the MSCI World remains broadly diversified. (in German)