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Our “Pension Fund Yearbook” shows the current financial situation and numerous other important key figures of Swiss pension funds. The study is based on a broad and representative peer group of 299 pension funds with cumulative pension assets of CHF 727 billion and over 3.7 million insured persons. (in German)

For the eighth time, the Benchmark Report offered the association members the exclusive opportunity to compare returns and costs in asset management within the membership. Together, this not only promotes transparency within the association, but also contributes to professionalisation in asset management. PPCmetrics is responsible for the analysis. (in German)

Unlike in the past, unlisted real estate investments are no longer systematically more attractive than listed ones. As a result, acquisitions through cessions are once again possible in some cases. The improved tradability can be used for any portfolio additions or adjustments. (in German)

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NPO Yearbook 2023

The NPO Yearbook 2023 analyses the investment results and financial situation of over 500 Swiss non-profit organisations (NPOs), most of which are Zewo-certified. It focuses on organisations that have carried out projects in connection with the war in Ukraine and the impact these have had on donations. It also shows how NPOs fared in comparison to Swiss pension funds in the crisis year 2022. (in German)

As of 01.01.2024, the Federal Council will increase the minimum interest rate credited to mandatory savings accounts in the 2nd pillar from 1% to 1.25%. Lukas Riesen, Partner, comments on the increase of the BVG/LPP minimum interest rate in the SRF Tagesschau. (in German)

The Asset Manager Review 2023 provides an overview of the ESG memberships and initiatives of over 200 asset managers and compares the key characteristics of their products in the asset classes Swiss Equities (active), World Small Caps (active), Emerging Markets Bonds (active) and Private Debt. It is based on market screens recently conducted by PPCmetrics. (in German)

More and more pension funds are reporting on their sustainability efforts. While in 2018 around a quarter of pension funds mentioned the topic of sustainability in their annual reports, this figure has already risen to almost half by the year 2021. Now the Swiss Pension Fund Association ASIP is calling on all pension funds to provide information on the sustainability characteristics of their portfolio from the year 2023 onwards. (in German)

Both the risk-free interest rate and the expected investment return of an investment strategy change over time. The most significant influencing factor is the development of the general interest rate level. The question arises as to how the technical interest rate should be adjusted to a changing interest rate level. (in German)