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The performance investors can achieve and the risks they have to expect depend on many factors. At the PPCmetrics Annual Conference on 16 December 2022 in Zurich, four practice-oriented presentations (in German) will take an in-depth look at the topic of performance and risk – sign up now.

Market interest rates have risen significantly since the beginning of the year and the capital markets have lost markedly in value. On 16.06.2022, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) also decided to raise the key interest rate and the deposit rate for commercial banks by half a percentage point. The presentation by PPCmetrics shows the effects on institutional investors - especially Swiss pension funds.

The PPCmetrics Foundation Conference 2022 covered the topic of inflation: In their presentations, Prof. em. Dr. Peter Kugler (University of Basel), Dr. Felix Schmutz (PPCmetrics), Dr. Susanne Haury von Siebenthal (Fondation Botnar) and Dr. Hansruedi Scherer (PPCmetrics) showed in front of around 60 participants at the Bananenreiferei in Zurich how non-profit foundations can approach the topic in practice. (in German)

The Ukraine war also has an impact on Swiss pension funds. The Swiss Television feature looks at the question of what proportion of their assets pension funds have invested directly in Russian investments and what impact market developments have had on the portfolios of pension funds on average. (in German)

The “EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation” (SFDR) has been in force since 2021. Our presentation explains what it is about and what impact the regulation has on Swiss investors. (in German)

With this publication, PPCmetrics publishes the study "Analysis of Annual Reports of Pension Funds" for the seventh time. Structural key figures of Swiss pension funds show the current state and situation of the pension funds. In addition to the analyses already shown last year, this year an additional chapter deals with the topic of sustainable investing. (in German)

The study "Market Overview Global Equities ESG" compares over 100 sustainable, actively managed investment solutions in the asset class global equities. (in German)

The topic of inflation is currently in the spotlight. Our article looks at the economic context and the historical and current interest rate and inflation risks. It also shows to what extent Swiss pension funds are affected by interest rate and inflation risks and to what extent such risks are acceptable for them.