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Around half of all Swiss pension funds (44% in 2022) report on sustainability endeavours and it can be assumed that this proportion will increase further with the introduction of the ASIP ESG reporting standard. (in German)

2023 was a successful investment year for Swiss institutional investors. Swiss investors benefited in particular from the good performance of CHF bonds and equities in industrialised countries, while valuation uncertainties in illiquid investments and the impact of geopolitical risks posed certain challenges. You can find these and other results in our research paper "Investment strategies in 2023". (in German)

Swiss pension funds have significantly increased their allocation to infrastructure investments in recent years. As a first step, it is advisable to analyse how the implementation of this investment category should be structured. Suitable products should then be selected for the desired type of realisation. (in German)

With a view to the future, charitable foundations are confronted with a wide range of questions: How can the Board of Trustees be renewed? How can asset managers be monitored for longer periods? Is transparency the order of the day and, if so, what practical questions does this raise for foundations? We will address these and other topics at our Foundation Conference on 14 May 2024. Sign up now! (in German)

As of 01.01.2024, the Federal Council will increase the minimum interest rate credited to mandatory savings accounts in the 2nd pillar from 1% to 1.25%. Lukas Riesen, Partner, comments on the increase of the BVG/LPP minimum interest rate in the SRF Tagesschau. (in German)

The Asset Manager Review 2023 provides an overview of the ESG memberships and initiatives of over 200 asset managers and compares the key characteristics of their products in the asset classes Swiss Equities (active), World Small Caps (active), Emerging Markets Bonds (active) and Private Debt. It is based on market screens recently conducted by PPCmetrics. (in German)

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NPO Yearbook 2023

The NPO Yearbook 2023 analyses the investment results and financial situation of over 500 Swiss non-profit organisations (NPOs), most of which are Zewo-certified. It focuses on organisations that have carried out projects in connection with the war in Ukraine and the impact these have had on donations. It also shows how NPOs fared in comparison to Swiss pension funds in the crisis year 2022. (in German)

Concentration in the global equity market has increased significantly in recent years. Nevertheless, other indices (such as the Swiss equity market) continue to exhibit significantly higher concentration risks than the MSCI World. Despite the increasing weighting of individual stocks, the MSCI World remains broadly diversified. (in German)