Systematic market screening for asset management and global custody

At a glance

  • We conduct 50 - 100 broad screenings of asset managers and other providers (custodian banks, proxy voting advisors, tactical advisory, etc.) per year.
  • Amongst others, we have been conducting screenings for the following asset classes:
  • Equities: Swiss Equities, Global Equities, Global Equities Small Mid Cap, Global Equities Emerging Markets, Equities USA Small Mid Cap, Equities Europe Small Mid Cap, Swiss Equities Small Mid Cap, Global Equities ESG, etc.
  • Bonds: Bonds CHF, Global Corporate Bonds, EM Debt, Bonds foreign currency, Bonds EUR Corporates, Bonds Global High Yield, etc.
  • Real Estate (listed and non-listed): Real Estate Asia, Global Real Estate, Real Estate Switzerland, Real Estate USA, Real Estate UK, Real Estate SXI RE Funds (active)
  • Money Market
  • Sustainable investments
  • Alternative investments: Commodities, Infrastructure, Insurance Linked Securities, Senior Secured Loans, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, etc.
  • Other providers: Global Custody, FX Overlay, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Service, Tactical Advisory / Overlay, Proxy Voting Advisors, etc.

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