PPCmetrics market screen enables a systematic comparison of asset managers

At a glance

  • Regular market screenings for asset management, custodian banks and other financial services
  • Open list: any asset manager, custodian bank and other providers can participate free of charge
  • Systematic comparison and ranking by means of a broad selection of qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria

PPCmetrics market screen allows a systematic comparison of asset managers

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To receive and evaluate current information from asset managers, global custodians and other providers such as proxy voting advisors, etc., we regularly conduct broad market screens for asset managers and other financial service providers. Any financial service provider can participate free of charge. This allows a systematic comparison by means of current information and different evaluation criteria. Pension funds, insurance companies, NPOs, family offices and private investors will be able to identify asset managers that best fit their needs.







Broad selection of qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria

By means of a screening of asset managers and other providers, we gather current information on 250 qualitative and quantitative criteria such as:

  • Assets under management per provider
  • Providers’ specialization in corresponding asset class
  • Number of analysts and portfolio managers, differed according to varying resource requirements of the different investment approaches
  • Relevant legal criteria such as regulation, best execution, retrocessions, liability, pending litigations
  • Personnel turnover in the asset management teams as well as increase in staff and stability of the teams
  • Experience of key people
  • Portfolio allocation per region or investment style, e.g., infrastructure investments are divided into brownfield and greenfield investments
  • Turnover and transaction costs of the managed portfolios
  • Asset managers‘ tracking error as an indicator for the variance of the difference between the portfolio returns and the index
  • Systematic comparison of alpha sources, e.g., for bonds relevance of duration and management of interest curves, segment allocation, spread and credit risk management as well as currency allocation
  • Asset management fees, differed according to varying fee types



Oliver Kunkel


Dr. Stephan Skaanes