Current reference interest rate according to guideline FRP 4, actuarial interest rate

At a glance

  • The technical interest rate basically has two functions: As a “discount rate”, it evaluates the provisions capital as well as the technical reserves. As a “calculation rate”, it determines the interest rate for the financing of the future benefits of a pension fund.
  • The guideline „Technischer Zinssatz“ (FRP 4) from the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries forms the basis of the Actuary's recommendation regarding the technical interest rate as discount rate.

Current reference interest rate

Current reference interest rate (valid until 30.09.2019):                2.00%

Future reference interest rate based on current data


The values were calculated by PPCmetrics based on its model and data from third parties. They are meant for interested pension funds as a support for their actuarial decisions. It should be noted that the values can change at any time.