Investment consulting and investment controlling for sovereign wealth funds

At a glance

  • Operating as an investment consultant and investment controller for several sovereign wealth funds
  • Broad range of consulting services for sovereign wealth funds regarding the institutional asset investments (investment strategy, investment organization, portfolio structure, asset manager selection, investment consulting, investment controlling)

Sovereign wealth funds

Sovereign wealth funds are a large and important group of institutional investors. Their aims, needs and strategies are very different. Sovereign wealth funds basically tend to transfer their existing assets from the present to the future generation.

Investment strategy, asset manager selection and investment controlling

We offer a broad range of consulting services for sovereign wealth funds:

  • Investment strategy: Definition of their investment strategy.
  • Asset manager selection: Support in selecting asset managers and global custodians. PPCmetrics has great expertise in all asset classes such as equities, bonds, mixed mandates, and alternative investments as well as long-standing practical experience through successfully concluded public invitations to tender.
  • Analysis of portfolio structure: Analysis of possible risks of the implemented products, evaluation of asset management fees, and recommendations about the investment style and mandate structure.
  • Investment organization: Analysis of governance, organizational structure, investment process as well as development of investment guidelines and specifications according to the legal requirements.
  • Investment controlling: Independent monitoring on the three levels of strategy controlling, controlling of investment tactics, and controlling of investment mandates or asset managers.
  • Research: Research on various topics such as peer group comparisons, performance comparisons, cost analyses, etc.



Dr. Andreas Reichlin


Dr. Stephan Skaanes


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